Dr Praveen Gupta & His Team Removed 9 KG Tumor

A resident of Ganagnager in Rajasthan was diagnosed as Large Soft Tissue Sarcoma (9Kg) with Neuro Vascular involvement. After visiting several hospitals for treatment and months of pain in his joints and muscles, patient underwent several investigations which revealed he had cancer and doctors suggested him for leg amputation. He was operated elsewhere in 2013 but swelling progressed post which he consulted Dr Praveen Gupta, Sr. Bone cancer Specialist of BMCHRC. Dr Gupta and his team operated the patient and removed a 9 kg tumor with the reconstruction of the vessels from the opposite leg on 17th April 2017. With few physiotherapy sessions post surgery, patient recovered and regained the strength of his legs and walked out from hospital with a grin of happiness and satisfaction.