Cancer Care

Squarely fighting Cancer we have covered a long distance in terms of treatment techniques, machines and medicines, yet cancer remains a dreaded disease in our country due to lack of awareness leading to delayed diagnosis. The belief that cancer is curable needs to be deeply hammered to the level of sub consciousness not only in cancer patients but equally in common man.

Cancer Care, a women’s wing of the hospital that came into existence on the 16th October 1997 with primary objective of dispersing cancer awareness and to comfort cancer patients and their family members by boosting their moral. This strong contingent of 80 members is relentlessly engaged in selfless service to help and support Cancer Patients effectually looking into minimizing the patients’ anxiety and also provide financial aid to the underprivileged.

Cancer Care lead by Mrs. Anila Kothari as it’s Chairperson; is a registered not-for-profit organization as an associate body of Bhagwan Mahaveer Cancer Hospital & Research Centre (BMCHRC). The unit developed by a cohesive team of women volunteers dedicated for the cause of cancer became a registered trust on 24th February 1998.

Main Objects of cancer care are:

  • To Provide Moral, Emotional and Financial support to the cancer patients and their attendants.
  • To promote cancer awareness amongst masses for prevention and early detection through talks, slide shows, poster exhibition etc.
  • To celebrate survivor’s day every year to boost up the moral of cancer patients undergoing treatment.