Financial Assistance

Bhagwan Mahaveer Cancer Hospital & Research Centre, Jaipur is a Charitable Hospital, which provides services to the cancer afflicted populace of this region at affordable cost. We provide many benefits to the patients who are poor and financially deprived.

OBLIGATORY RESPONSIBILITY: Towards Government of Rajasthan.

25% of the bed strength including the investigations and treatment to patients belonging to BPL category and the weaker section of the society as may be determined by the Government from time to time and also to patient referred by the Government hospitals shall be provided free of any charge.

with regard to outdoor medical facilities, free services shall be provided to the weaker section of the Society, who will account for not less than 25% of the outdoor patients.

  1. BPL. Patients in possession of BPL Card issued by the State Governments are given all hospital services free of cost (excluding medicine), by BMCHRC. For the information/knowledge of patients of this category, free hospital facilities available are displayed at the reception counter and other places in the hospital premises. Separate window for BPL has been opened in reception area for their convenience. Such patients are disposed of at the BPL window to obviate any inconvenience to them. All BPL patients are provided medicines at the procured price
  2. General Public Free. In case if patient footfall under BPL category is less than 25% then patients are being enrolled in this category. The selection of such patients is being done by patient welfare officer in consultation with treating doctors and member of cancer care. Having enrolled under this category a patient is entitled for all the benefits of BPL patients.

Free services provided to BPL card holders & General Public Free Section patients:

  1. Registration.
  2. Consultation.
  3. Bed charges.
  4. Operation Charges.
  5. Radiotherapy.
  6. Investigations.
  • Radiology
    1. X Ray.
    2. CT Scan.
    3. Sonography.
    4. Mammography.
    5. OPG.
    6. Colour Doppler.
    7. USG Guided FNAC and Biopsy.
  • Pathology
    1. Biochemistry.
    2. Hematology.
    3. Cytology.
    4. Histopathology.
    5. IHC.
    6. Frozen Section.
    7. Microbiology.
    8. Clinical Pathology.
  • Nuclear Medicine
    1. PET- CT.
    2. Cardiac PET-CT.
    3. RT Planning with PET CT based Sentinel node imaging.
    4. DTPA Thyroid Scan.
    5. Bone Scan.
    6. Stress Thallium.
    7. Gamma Camera.
  • Blood Bank
    1. RDP.
    2. Whole Blood.
    3. FFP.
    4. Irradiated Blood.
    5. Cryoprecipitate.
    6. SDP.
  • Other available Investigations


a. State Government Chief Minister Relief Fund

Government of Rajasthan provides facilities to non BPL patients,(whose family income does not exceed Rs. 100000/-per annum) suffering from cancer. Such assistance given is up to 30% of the cost incurred by the patient. Remaining charges are borne by patient himself.
To obtain this facility, the following documents are required to be submitted to Jaipur Secretariat:

  • Income Certificate.
  • Copy of Ration Card.
  • Affidavit of Rs. 10/- Family Income.
  • Estimated treatment cost by the treating consultant.
  • Application Form for requirement of financial Assistance.

b. Prime Minister Relief Fund

Government of India also provides facilities to all the patients suffering from cancer. The financial assistance given to patient includes assistance for treatment, investigation and medicine charges. To obtain this service the following documents are required to be submitted:

  • Income Certificate.
  • Estimated treatment cost by the treating consultant.
  • Application Form for requirement of financial Assistance.