PET-CT is the acronym for a very powerful & advance medical imaging process called. Position Emission Tomography. It has become the new standard & latest approach to imaging in the diagnosis and management of Cancer, Heart Disease, and Brain Disorders. It is the most advanced method for metabolic imaging and is capable of precisely localizing and assessing tumors.

What is PET-CT

A new advancement in Medical technology mergers PET & CT in one combining scanning system. The anatomical image produced by the CT scanner can be merged with the molecular images from PET.

Our specially trained Doctors, Technologists & Medical staff is experienced in PET and CT interpretation.

PET scans are commonly used to investigate the following Human Conditions


PET scans can show up cancer, reveal the stage of cancer, show whether the cancer has spread, help Doctors decide on the most appropriate cancer treatment, and give Doctors an indication on the effectiveness of ongoing Chemotherapy. A PET scan several weeks after starting Radiation treatment for lung Cancer can indicate whether the tumor will respond to the treatment.

Heart Disease

A PET scan helps detect which specific parts of the heart have been damaged or scarred. Any faults in the working of the heart are more likely to be revealed with the help of a PET scan.


It can reveal which part of the patient’s Brain is being affected by epilepsy. This helps Doctors decide on the most suitable treatments. MRI and/or CT scans are recommended for people after a first seizure.

Alzheimer’s Disease

It is very useful in helping the Doctor diagnose Alzheimer’s disease. A PET scan that measures uptake of sugar in the brain significantly improves the accuracy of diagnosing a type of dementia often mistaken for Alzheimer’s Disease.

Medical Research

Researchers, especially those involved in how the brain functions get a great deal of vital data from PET scans.

What are common uses of PET CT

  • PET-CT can inform whether a tumor is benign or Cancerous.
    PET-CT can detect and stage most cancers and significantly modify treatment plan.
  • PET-CT shows all organs of the body in single study, so it can indicate the intensity of cancer & area affected.
  • PET-CT diagnoses Cancer often before it shows up on other tests which are generally used to diagnose the dreaded disease.
  • PET-CT shows the growth of disease and how body responds to the treatment.
  • PET-CT combined study provide Physicians both anatomical and molecular image in the same study.
  • PET-CT can reveal the surgical potential of heart tissue and validate & direct course of cardiac.
  • PET-CT can produce vivid image of the functioning brain better than any other means