Dental Surgey

The Role of Dental Care in cancer patient 
A thorough oral evaluation by a knowledgeable dentist before cancer treatment begins is important to the success of the regimen. Pretreatment   Dental care achieves the following:
  • Reduces the risk and severity of oral complications.
  • Allows for prompt identification and treatment of existing infections or other problems.
  • Improves the likelihood that the patient will successfully complete planned cancer treatment.
  • Prevents, eliminates, or reduces oral pain.
  • Minimizes oral infections that could lead to potentially serious systemic infections.
  • Prevents or minimizes complications that compromise nutrition.
  • Prevents or reduces later incidence of bone necrosis.
  • Preserves or improves oral health.
  • Provides an opportunity for patient education about oral hygiene during cancer therapy.
  • Improves the quality of life.
  • Decreases the cost of care 

Dental Department

The Department  also runs a training  programme  for post  graduation  (M.D.S)  Student  

The Department of Dental  Surgery is involved in the prophylactic dental care of all cancer patients in whom good oral hygiene is of prime importance prior to cancer treatment, viz. surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, bone marrow transplant etc

The department also carries out rehabilitation of head and neck cancer patients with obturators, guide plane prostheses, tongue prostheses etc. after ablative surgery. Implant retained maxillofacial prostheses (intra-oral & extra-oral) are also fabricated in patients requiring this modality of treatment

Dental extractions, oral prophylaxis, fluoride gel applications,  intra-oral prostheses,  removable partial dentures and  implant retained prostheses are fabricated .