Psycho Oncology

Psychotherapy & counseling are integral element of Oncology treatment. We all know living with cancer is an enormous challenge for everyone, lots of negative thoughts, unresolved and unrealistic queries in their minds which may be the cause of emotional distress, Anxiety, Depression etc. are make their life more painful.  But now we can say that emotional expression, social supports, lower level of emotional distress and a fighting spirit associated with QOL (Quality Of Life) and improved survival time of cancer patients.

We commonly provide the following services during the course of treatment and also completion of treatment:

  • Initial, through psychological assessment of needs and concerns
  • Ongoing  problem –focused individual, couples or family counseling or psychotherapy which can include
    • Emotional Support, Psycho education, Stress management training, Crisis intervention
    • Breathing techniques, Relaxation training, guided imagery, Specific problem-solving
    • Communication & assertiveness training, Behavioral intervention etc.

Following areas are extensively treated by our psychologist:

  • Anxiety about seeing doctor,  having treatment, having scans or tests
  • Anger or irritability
  • Unable to get out of the house because of fears of meeting people( fear of stigmatization)
  • Feeling down or upset
  • Difficulty keeping a daily routine because of physical  problems/uneasiness
  • Feeling isolated/hopelessness or lonely
  • Difficulty sleeping because of anxious thoughts or images
  • Concern about disfigurement of body image
  • Worry that the cancer may return after completed treatment
  • Difficulty adjusting to daily life after cancer treatment- including dissatisfaction with your job or uncertainty about the future
  • Poor adherence- patient does not follow medical recommendation
  • Poor family relationship and negligence
  • When the treatment side effects is anticipatory or conditional
  • Tobacco Cessation counselling
  • Neuro Psychological assessment

Common times for problems to occur

  • When cancer is diagnosed
  • Before/After surgery
  • Prior to or during chemotherapy or Radiation Therapy
  • Completion of treatment
  •  Recurrence or spread of cancer has been discovered.