Dietary Services

Dietary Services

Nutrition is as important as everything else when it comes to cancer treatment. The dietician and dietary experts at the BMCHRC provide special counselling to all cancer patients, so they eat the right kind of food during and after their treatment. Not only does this help them in feeling better and stay stronger, eating healthy even goes a long way in helping cure cancer and shortening recovery periods for patients.


  • OPD Services
    OPD consultation facility are provided to all patients from 9am -5pm where patients and attendants are counseled as per the requirements and are encouraged for regular follow-ups. Diet charts are given as per requirement to the patients.

  • IPD Services
    All IPD patients are initially assessed at the time of admission and further reassessed on regular basis for any other health problem. Regular counseling to the patient and attendants are provided along with diet chart made for them.

  • Food-service facility
    BMCHRC has a full-fledged and well equipped food service facility. It caters to hospital’s patients their attendants’ and staff. F&B dept. is regularly supervised by Dietetic Dept. The meals are prepared and served as per the instruction given by the dietician who maintains strict check on quality of food and the service provided. Hospital holds strict policy for personal hygiene, health check-ups and regular educational program for kitchen staff to assure continual quality assurance.