Psycho Oncology

Psycho Oncology

In treating cancer, Psychotherapy & Psychological counselling are crucial elements. At BMCHRC, we understand that living with cancer is a huge challenge for anyone, especially for kids. It fills people with negative thoughts, giving birth to a number of unreal and unresolved questions in their minds. The cumulative effect of all this is emotional distress, anxiety, and depression that makes their life extremely difficult.

At BMCHRC’s psycho-oncology department, our staff provides the following services to our patients during and after the completion of their treatment.

  • Initial, thorough psychological assessment of needs and concerns
  • Continuous and problem-focused individual, couples, or family counselling or psychotherapy which can include:
    • Emotional Support, Psychoeducation, Stress management training, Crisis intervention
    • Breathing techniques, relaxation training, guided imagery, Specific problem-solving
    • Communication & assertiveness training, Behavioral intervention etc.

The team of psychologist tends to the following areas concerning our patients

  • Anxiety about seeing doctor, having treatment, scans, or tests
  • Anger or irritability
  • Unable to get out of the house because of fears of meeting people (fear of stigmatization)
  • Feeling upset
  • Difficulty maintaining a daily routine because of physical problems/uneasiness
  • Feeling isolation/hopelessness or lonely
  • Difficulty sleeping because of anxious thoughts or images
  • Concern about the disfigurement of body image
  • Worry that cancer may return after completed treatment (recurrence)
  • Difficulty adjusting to daily life after cancer treatment- including dissatisfaction with your job or uncertainty about the future
  • Poor compliance- the patient does not follow the medical recommendations
  • Poor family relationship
  • Tobacco cessation counselling
  • Neuropsychological assessment

The times and situations that are commonly known to create issues

  • When cancer is diagnosed
  • Before/After surgery
  • Prior to or during chemotherapy or radiation therapy
  • Completion of treatment
  • Recurrence or spread of cancer has been discovered