It was an evening of 2007, when I was playing with my son (Mohammed Azharuddin) and suddenly felt a lump on his neck. That time I didn’t took it seriously and though it will go away automatically, but I was “Wrong”.

Few days later I took him to my family physician & after some preliminary investigations got to know that my son is suffering from cancer.

It was a total blackout for me at that time as I was unable to understand that how a nine-year-old child can be a cancer patient, but at the second moment, I prepared myself to fight against it.

I didn’t disclose anything to my son about his disease & took him to Bhagwan Mahaver Cancer Hospital without any delay.

There Dr Ajay Bapna, Sr. Consultant & Head, Medical Oncology started his treatment & after 3 years of regular follow-ups, my son was declared “Cancer Free”.

It’s been 08 years since Mohammed is cancer free now but this feeling of joy came with regular routine checkup which was six times in an year earlier & now has reduced to once in an year.

Now Mohammed is well, happy & lives a normal life. He is studying in class 10 and wants to be a lawyer.

What life has taught me through my son is that “Cancer is cured if diagnosed and treated early by a qualified oncologist”

Rafi Azharuddin, Jaipur

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