Kesar Singh



Kesar Singh had no idea that someday he will also be a cancer victim when he visited Bhagwan Mahaveer Cancer Hospital & Research Center (BMCHRC) for his wife’s cancer treatment.

Kesar Singh lives in a village name lumas ka based in jhunjhnu, Rajasthan is a farmer who works in farms for his daily living. Kesar Singh was an addict to bidi (smoking), that blocked his windpipe and was advised to quit smoking but Kesar Singh eventually started chewing tobacco. In 2014 Kesar Singh had a problem in swallowing food, and consulted a local physician on whose advice, he consulted a doctor in Bikaner (Rajasthan) for his further treatment when he was diagnosed with throat cancer. Kesar Singh’s wife was already getting treated in BMCHRC and fought cancer with no treatment charges, as they belong to a BPL family. 

Kersar Singh with all confidence came to BMCHRC for his cancer treatment and consulted Dr. Tej Prakash Soni, Consultant, Radiation Oncology Department, where he underwent multiple sessions for radiation therapy and bravely overcame the frightening ailment.

Kesar Singh, Jhunjhnu