Mukesh Jain



Mukesh Jain, a resident from Ajmer works in a marble factory. In the year 2016  he had felt a  severe pain in the right side of his mouth. Due to which he consulted the local doctors of Ajmer and found that he had a lump in his mouth which resulted in Cancer. As soon as his family members got to know that he was suffering from such a deadly disease, they all went into shock as it is very painful to see your loved one in so much pain.

Mukesh says that he is the only breadwinner in his family and it was going to be a very difficult time for all of them. The doctors in Ajmer advised and referred him to. Bhagwan Mahaveer Cancer Hospital, Jaipur for his further treatment as it is one of the best hospitals for Cancer Detection, Treatment & Prevention. Here at the hospital, he met Dr. Anil Gupta who guided and helped him with providing answers to his questions. After meeting the doctor, he felt a bit stress-free, relaxed and happy. And then he further continued towards his operation.

After the successful implementation of the operation now, Mukesh is absolutely fit & fine and living a normal and a happy life.  When asked Mukesh told us that he has being chewing tobacco from past 20 years and now he pledges to quit tobacco and inspire people to stop consuming it.”

Mukesh Jain, Ajmer