Shashi Shobhavat belongs to Jodhpur and in 2012 she discovered a tumor in her right breast. Post consulting the doctors in Jodhpur she found out that she was suffering from a Breast Cancer. Shashi had her relatives living in Jaipur who advised her to visit Bhagwan Mahaveer Cancer Hospital & Research Centre. Over there she met Dr. Ajay Bapna and was treated under his guidance. During this agonizing journey, her only will booster was the love and support that she received from her family. Dr. Bapna continuously supported Shashi throughout and encouraged her to fight and never lose hope. Shashi believes that the doctor has not only cured her and given her a chance to smile again but he has also played a major role in motivating her to do something productive and inspire others. After successfully recovering Shashi thought of participating in an international contest – “Mother India Crochet Queens Contest” that was held in Chennai. In the contest, Shashi & her team made the longest Brochet blanket measuring 11,148.5 meters and not only won the prize but got herself registered in the “Guinness Book Of World Record”. Today, Shashi is absolutely fit and fine and living a healthy life and fulfilling her dreams along with putting her best efforts to help the cancer patients.

Shashi Shobhavat, Jodhpur

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