What is the best treatment for Alzheimer’s?

Neuro oncology

Alzheimer’s disease is a type of neurological disorder that is very common in old age people. It is also one of the most common causes of dementia that leads to the continuous decline in behavioral skills social skills decline in thinking ability and over and it affects the overall function of the body.

The person suffering from it is not able to function independently and requires help all the time.  People suffering from Alzheimer’s need constant attention and care.

There is no hundred percent treatments guarantee as the brain cells keep on dying. It is necessary that the treatment should be such that it stops further deterioration of the cells and the condition of the person. No one can completely eradicate the entire symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease but timely intervention might help in reducing the symptoms and degradation of neurological impulses.

Medications and preventive measures suggest the rehabilitation helps in the temporary improvement and it definitely slows down the progressive symptoms of Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s patients are often dependent on others for their tasks they can’t be kept alone as they leave the gas open, they keep forgetting their address and all the is problems might lead to some dangerous situation therefore they require caregivers if there is nobody to take care of them.

Symptoms of Alzheimer’s

  • Memory loss
  • Difficulty in remembering events of conversations
  • Cognitive defects search has difficulty in paying bills and difficulty in making decisions difficulty in completing tasks
  • Problems in recognizing faces and objects and tools
  • Having body balance issues
  • Difficulty in speaking reading or writing
  • Confusion
  • Altered thought process
  • Problem in judgment
  • Personality or behavior changes which include mood swings, getting angry, compulsive and socially inappropriate behavior and having sudden rage issues.


In order to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease the doctor first physically examines the patient and looks for symptoms and medical history of the patient. The Neuro oncology specialist in Udaipur like other doctors might ask for the following tests such as cognitive and memory addresses the ability of a person to think. Some of the diagnostic tests include:

Genetic testing

MRI of the brain and CT scan of the brain

Logical functional test in order to determine body balance reflexes of the body and activity of the sense organs to understand the level of neural damage.

It also includes a blood test and urine test


There is no sure shot treatment of Alzheimer’s disease but that there are several medications that suppress the common symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and help in maintaining the cognitive health of the patient. The treatment is basically based on improving the quality of life of the person as it is almost impossible to reverse the degradation of the neurological impulses.

Some of the treatment methods include:

Effective activities and daycare programs help in maintaining their motor skills control their social behavior and helps in maintaining their cognitive skills

Innovative group activities and services help them in remembering and motivating them to do their tasks independently.

Certain drugs and medications that are approved by FDA is provided to the patient that helps in inhibiting cognitive symptoms including memory loss, confusion, and judgment problem. Such drugs and medicine include cholinesterase, Donepezil, and Galantamine.

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