Top 5 Common neurological disorders and their treatment

Neuro Oncology Treatment

The human nervous system is highly complex and consists of the spinal cord, brain, nerves, and neurons.

The human brain is a complex organ that is responsible for maintaining all the functions of the body that takes place. The brain controls all the functions such as the movement of the body, language, breathing production of hormones, movements, and all the other biological functions are controlled by the brain. Every part of the brain is responsible for some of the other functions of anybody and any damage in any particular part of the brain might lead to permanent damage in that part of the brain that affects the function of the brain.

For instance, the part of the brain that is responsible for visual response and if that part is damaged or injured due to some reason then the person might lose his or her eyesight forever.

Neurological disorders might be caused due to any disease, chemical reaction to the medicine, accident, injury, or genetic disorder.

According to a Neuro-oncology specialist in Jaipur, timely intervention and diagnosis of neurological disorders help in giving better treatment options. There are several neurological disorders and some of the neurological disorders might include:

Epilepsy and seizures

One of the common neurological disorders that occur, includes abnormal electrical activity in the brain that causes seizures. Seizures might be caused due to excessive exposure to drugs and alcohol, or the person is having withdrawal from drug and alcohol abuse. This type of disorder might affect people of any age or background. Any disruption between the nerve cells in the brain might cause seizures other reasons for having seizures include high fever, low blood sugar, high blood sugar, etc. Epilepsy might be caused due to any number of reasons such as illness, injury, tumors, or neurological disease. It affects millions of people every year and is the most dangerous type of neurological disorder that is life-threatening.


Stroke occurs when there is an interruption of the blood flow in the brain that might be caused due to any sort of blood clot or blockage in the artery.  A person suffering from a stroke requires immediate medical help or as it might lead to a life-threatening condition. The common symptoms of a stroke include blurred vision, change in the face posture, weakness in the arm, change in speech, difficulty in maintaining body balance etc.  If you find any of the symptoms in a person then one must immediately contact the doctor or seek medical help.  Neuro Oncology Treatment in Jaipur is considered as one of the best neuro treatment in Jaipur.


Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most common neurological disorders that usually affect the old age people. People suffering from this disease have major memory loss issues and require constant supervision and care. Alzheimer’s patients go through a lot of other problems such as forgetting their address, forgetting to switch off the stove, difficulty with daily activities and have problems in managing finance and behavioral changes that comes along with the disease

Parkinson’s disease

Parkinson’s disease is another disease that is very common among people.  It is a progressive nervous system disorder that affects primary coordination of the body.  As per today, there is no cure of Parkinson’s disease but there are several treatment and rehabilitation methods that help in overcoming several symptoms of this disease.


Headache is one of the most common neurological disorders that affect anyone at any age and at any point of time.  There is no sure shot cause of headache as it might occur due to any reason. Generally, Headache can occur due to fever, heat or cold sensitivity, stiffness in the neck,  cold, nausea or  any other serious case such cranial bleeding,  brain tumor or any other neurological related disease. Generally, headache doesn’t require any medicine but with proper sleep medication one can get relief.

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Types of Brain and Spinal cord tumor and their treatment

Neuro Oncology Treatment

Brain tumors can occur anywhere in the brain. Its severity depends upon the size and the location of the brain tumor. But generally, it is classified as benign (noncancerous) and malignant (cancerous). There are various forms of Brain tumors and not all of them are cancerous or dangerous. A spinal cord tumor on the other hand develops within the vertebral coulombs of the spinal cord which is also known as an intradural tumor. When the tumor affects the functioning of vertebrae then it may be called a vertebral tumor.

Varied types of Brain and Spinal cord tumors:

There are two major types of brain and spinal cord tumors-

Primary tumor: When the tumor begins at the site of the brain or spinal cord then it is referred to as a primary tumor.

Metastatic tumor: Tumors that begin in any other part of the body and reach the brain or spinal cord. At this stage, the tumor changes to cancer. It is more common in adults.

Classification of tumor is usually based upon the type of cell, grade of tumor, and location of the tumor

On the basis of type of cell: Tumors can occur in any type of cell or tissue in the brain or spinal cord. Tumors can be found in similar types of cells or different types of cells as well.  Tumors begin at one site and spread around the infected.

Grade of tumor:  Brain and spinal cord tumors can be divided into 4 grades. In grade 1 and 2 tumors, the tumor grows slowly and it does not spread to nearby tissues generally. Grade 3 and 4 are severe as they grows quickly and spreads to nearby tissues. This requires series of treatments.

Location of tumor: Our brain is the most complex organ in our body which is responsible for all bodily functions.  The part of the brain that suffers from the tumor, its function gets affected by it. For example, if the tumor forms in the part of the brain which is responsible for vision then the person suffering from it would face vision-related problems.


The treatment for a brain tumor or spinal cord tumor depends upon the size, location of the tumor and the condition of the patient. Neuro-Oncology Treatment in Udaipur is well known because of its great success rate. The specialists create a patient-specific treatment plan based on the requirement of the patient.  

Radiation Therapy: It uses a high beam of energy rays that directly kill the tumor cells and cancerous cells. It is a specific type of treatment that require specialist which is known as radiation oncologists. There are different types of radiation therapies such as Image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT), Brachytherapy  (internal radiation therapy),  stereotactic radiotherapy (SRT), Volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT) etc

Chemotherapy: In this specific chemical drugs are used orally or intravenously. It is used for fast-growing tumor cells as it directly attacks the cells.

Targeted drug therapy: The targeted therapy works in a different way than chemotherapy. They are specific and usually work on the targeted area.

Surgical treatment: Surgical treatment is required to get a biopsy in order to find the type of tumor and removal of the tumor. In some cases, surgical methods are used to decrease the symptoms or effects of tumors.

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