Tender Details Construction 2016-17

Tender No. : Construction/2016-17
Tender Name : Proposals are invited for labor rates for construction of Bunker for Linear Accelerator.
Tender Subject : NA
Tender Start DateTime :
28-07-2016 Tender End DateTime : 31-08-2016
Tender Category :
NA Tender Registration Fees : NA
Estimated Cost :
NA EMD Amount (Rs.) : NA
Venue of Pre-Bid meeting : Jaipur



Tender date: 28.07.2016

Enclosures checklist:

1.    Techno Financial Bid in specified format attached as annexure ‘A’ of the tender document.
2.    Audited financial accounts for last 3 years.
3.    Income Tax Clearance Certificate.
4.    Copy of PAN and TIN (self attested).
5.    Declaration in format as per annexure ‘B’.
6.    Copy of a document evident that the bidder has experience of construction of the bunker for radiotherapy facility.
7.    All other document as desired in the bidder’s details.

Eligibility Criteria

1.    The bidder should be  A class contractor.
2.    The bidder should have experience of construction of Bunker for Linear Accelerator.
3.    The bidder should not be blacklisted from Govt. or Private institution.
4.    The bidder should not be a defaulter in compliance of government duties and taxes and with any bank or financial institution.

Terms and Conditions

1.    The bidder shall quote its rates specifying all costs, duties and taxes, transportation and handling etc.
2.    Electricity and water will be provided by the hospital free of charge at one point.
3.    Labor should leave premises immediately after working hours. Nobody shall stay in night until special written approval taken by the contractor from the designated authority of the hospital.
4.    The bidder shall submit and get the execution plan at the site approved from hospital authorities so that the areas and way for vehicles movement can be made available.
5.    Time line of the completion has to be strictly followed.
6.    A Barricading and site safety arrangement has to be made by the contractor.
7.    Materials what so ever will be made available at best possible suitable place from there contractor will take it up to work site.
8.    Permits for movement of construction / work vehicles shall be obtained by the contractor only.
9.    All work permits etc. will be responsibility of the contractor.
10.    All legal compliances, dues, duties and taxes are responsibility of the contractor.

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Undertaking  by the bidder

We    ………………………………………………………………………   hereby undertake that:

1.    We are not black listed by any Government department, Private institution in any manner.
2.    We are not a defaulter in any manner in compliance of Government duties, taxes or documentations etc.
3.    We are not a defaulter of any bank of financial institution.
4.    The hospital will have right to take appropriate action including termination of the contract if any commitment is found false / incorrect.

Signature of the authorized signatory with Stamp

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