Tender Details HVAC 2015-16

Tender No. : P&M/ BMCHRC/HVAC/2015-16
Tender Name : Proposals Are Invited For Sitc Of Air Conditioning Plant And Related Works At 3rd And 4th Floor (Ipd Block)
Tender Subject : NA
Tender Start DateTime :
06-01-2016 Tender End DateTime : 12-01-2016
Tender Category :
Tender Registration Fees : NA
Estimated Cost :
NA EMD Amount (Rs.) : NA
Venue of Pre-Bid meeting : delhi



The Bhagwan Mahaveer Cancer Hospital and Research Centre, Jaipur invites proposals for Supply, Installation Testing and Commissioning of Air Conditioning plants at its 3rd and 4th Floor of IPD Block in its premises at Jawahalal Nehru Marg, Jaipur.

General Information

  • Name of the Work : SITC of AC equipment and Low side work.
  • Due Date, Time and place of submission of proposal : 12.01.2016 at Purchase Manager, Bhagwan Mahaveer Cancer Hospital and Research Centre, Jaipur.

Eligibility Criteria

The Bidders should meet the following Eligibility Criteria to participate in the Proposal and should enclose supporting documents for fulfilling the Eligibility in the Technical means. It is the responsibility of the company to satisfy the BMCHRC regarding genuineness and validity of the document furnished. Bids accompanied by the documents not fulfilling the requirements outlined in this section will be subject to rejection.

  • Bidder should be a Registered company / Firm and existing for the past Five years. (Registration Certificate should be submitted. )
  • Bidder shall have at least 5 year experience in the HVAC field.
  • Bidder shall have executed a Single Purchase Order Value Rs.20 lakhs or above during the last three years. (Copy to be attached)
  • Bidder should have organization strength of certified engineers in the relevant field.
  • The successful bidder has to undertake this project without allocating the project (Full or Partial) to any third party bidder (no sub contract will be allowed)
  • The Company should have at least one Service Centres in Jaipur.
  • Bidder should have valid sales tax/TIN/Service Registration Number. Valid Documents for TIN/Service Registration Number shall be submitted.
  • The bidder must quote all the products mentioned in the given Bill of Material, if quoted partially the proposal will be considered as invalid.
  • OEM Certification Copy of the OEM’s Certification authorizing the Bidder as local partner/representative in India for the supply and installation of items indicated in the Proposal Documents.

Bid preparation and submission

The Bid should be submitted in a sealed envelope on or before date and time stated here above

All the Price items as asked in the Proposal should be filled in the Price Bid format as given in the Proposal. The Bid is liable for rejection if Price Bid contains conditional offers / partial offers. The Price Bid shall be typed, signed and stamped in all pages by the authorised signatory of the Bidder. Any alterations, deletions or overwriting shall be attested with full signature of the authorised signatory.

The Bid should be submitted strictly as specified in the Proposal document. The Bids should be submitted in the Office of Purchase Manager, Bhagwan Mahaveer Cancer Hospital & Research Cente, Jaipur. If the Bidder prefers to submit the Bid by post, the Bidder should ensure that the Bid reaches on or before the due date and time. If any Bid is received after due date and time or unsealed or disorderly submitted or received by Facsimiles (FAX) or email, the Bid will be treated as non responsive. The Bids once submitted cannot be modified or amended or withdrawn. No documents would be supplemented after submission of Bids.

Technical Evaluation

  • The Proposal will be opened in the meeting of the purchase committee of BMCHRC.
  • The Technical Evaluation will be made by the authorities of the hospital. The Bids of the Bidders who have failed to meet the Technical requirements in the Technical evaluation will be rejected.

Other Terms and Conditions

  • Delivery Period: The delivery should be made within 2 week from the date of receipt of purchase order.
  • Warranty: The entire item supplied by the bidder shall be guaranteed against any defects and the bidder should provide time-to-time operational maintenance support (On Site comprehensive Warranty) for one year from date of commissioning. The said warranty should cover all the Hardware & Software Products. The warranty and service shall be provided directly from the manufacturer. The bidder shall be liable to rectify any defects that may be found in the equipment supplied at free of cost.
  • Installation: The installation should be done at BMCHRC within 4 weeks of delivery.
  • The supplier will place adequate standby units (without any cost to buyer) so that system can be put operative at a minimum time.
  • Response Time: The response time of the bidder to attend to any complaint upon receipt of the complaint/information from the user should not be more than 2 hours.
  • CAMC cost for maintenance after the warranty period should be quoted separately, year wise (for next 5 year after warranty).


  • The hospital will have right to acceptance or not acceptance of a proposal without assigning any reason.
  • Price is not the only basis of selection of bidder / agency.
  • Acceptance of proposals is subject to techno-financial evaluation keeping in view the interest of the hospital.
  • Hospital may add/ delete/ modify /select any of the options/ brand/ technology/ component/ method/ technical specification in partially or fully from the details furnished in the proposal format wherever it found necessary and fit.
  • Hospital may allocate the work two or more agencies / bidders.
  • Quantities are tentative and actual supplies and works executed and verified at site shall be final for billing.
  • Subject to Jaipur Jurisdiction.

Details of Bidder / Contractor/ Agency

Ref : Tender No : BMCHRC/2015-16/HVAC Date : 06.01.2016
1 Name of the Item / Work Air-conditioning of Floor no 3 and 4 (IPD Block)
2. Due Date of the submission of the tender. 12.01.2016
3. Name / Title of the Bidder  
4. Full Address (recent)  
E-Mail (recent)
Tel. No & Mobile No. (recent)
Tel. No & Mobile No. (recent)
5. Name of the person authorized to deal / undertake business for and on behalf of the bidder  
  Tel. No & Mobile No. (Recent)
Tel. No & Mobile No. (Recent)
E-Mail (Recent)
6. Legal entity of the bidder whether Firm / Society / Company / Other entity a. Registration No.
b. Authority with whom registered
c. License No. granted by
7. Main business of the bidder whether Manufacturer, Business Distributor, Wholesale Dealer.  
8. Authorized Area of operation in India  
9. PAN No.  
9. PAN No.  
10. CST No. / VAT No. / ST No.  
11. No. of manpower employed by the bidder a. Scientific
b. Technical
c. Administrative
d. Finance
12. Support facility equipment No.  
13. Experience of the bidder in dealing with the tendered item.  
14. Any other relevant information for submission  

Certified that the above information is correct & true to the best of my knowledge and belief. Nothing has been concealed and fabricated and in case any information is found incorrect. I, the under signatory will be personally responsible.

Name of authorized person for bidder with seal

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Proposals Are Invited For Sitc Of Air Conditioning Plant And Related Works At 3rd And 4th Floor (Ipd Block)