Annual Surveillance and Early Detection of Breast and Cervical Cancer

About the Programme

  • Register yourself for the Early Detection of Breast and Cervical Cancer Program by filling up a form.
  • BMCHRC has organized to conduct these tests at 3 PM of last Saturday of every month.
  • Inform the program desk of BMCHRC of your intention to visit and fix an appointment.
  • Visit the hospital on the appointed day – the tests will be done and reported.
  • The screening program is of value only if you are willing to undergo screening every year. One does not know when the cancer may appear in the post menopausal period.

Why are the tests necessary?

  • Are the two major cancers that afflict post menopausal women.
  • Post menopause (45+ age) women have a very high risk of developing cancer of breast and uterus – the two most common cancers of women in India.

Mammography & Pap Smear

  • Are the two internationally recommended screening methods for early detection of these cancers
  • Detected in early stage of their occurrence the two cancers are eminently treatable with high cure rate
  • The only recognized method to prevent these cancers is secondary prevention – that is women at risk, willingly and of their own, undergoing, annual check up to find if she is developing or has just developed a cancer.
  • It is possible for the doctors to recognize and detect a cervical cancer in its precancerous state by a Pap Smear Test.
  • Also by sophisticated Mammography test, breast cancer is detected in its primary stage when it is eminently curable.


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