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Surgical Oncology Treatment in Udaipur

Surgical Oncology Treatment in Udaipur

Cancers have become a common problem with older adults, but now they’re affecting the younger population too. Luckily, most cancers can be easily cured with Surgical Oncology treatment in Udaipur. However, some cancer patients are nervous and even reluctant to through the surgery.   They often worry about whether their doctor can successfully remove the tumour or what would happen if they through the surgery. But cancer surgery is one of the most effective cancer treatments that not only cure cancer but also prevent its recurrence. Read on to know more about why shouldn’t you delay your life-changing cancer surgery.

What is the role of Surgery in Cancer treatment?

Cancer Surgeries contribute to the successful treatment of nearly 80% of cancer cases. The surgical oncology doctor in Jaipur performs these surgeries to remove the cancerous tumour and all of the visible cancer tissues through a wide excision. There are several procedures and surgical tools that can ensure the complete removal of cancerous cells to yield improved long-term outcomes.   It also focuses on the management of cancer symptoms through the application of various invasive procedures and approaches. Therefore, it has been the primary treatment for cancer at the Cancer centre in Udaipur and often performed with medical and radiation oncology for better outcomes.

When most patients first receive a cancer diagnosis, they become overwhelmed and hardly keep it together. While few people can think in a calm, rational manner, others can’t think straight after receiving such potentially devastating news. In addition, they’re also worried about the pain and long recovery associated with cancer surgeries. Hence, they tend to disregard their well-being, regardless of whether out of fear, absence of understanding or because they are willfully ignorant.   But delaying surgery for cancers is rarely an option. Without timely intervention and treatment, cancers can cause severe damage and soon become fatal. You may be able to delay surgery for some time if your cancer is growing slowly. But most doctors will not recommend this approach as cancer can metastasize into nearby tissues organs, which may exacerbate the problem and speed up degradation.

Why is timely Intervention Critical?

Cancer doesn’t just vanish on its own, and deferring treatment can have dire outcomes. Based on their surgical requirement, cancers are categorised into three types, elective, urgent, and emergent. Unfortunately, more than half of the cancer cases are urgent or emergent and require treatment right away. While the other halves are elective, they can become fatal and eventually need an operation. And delay in treatment can become dangerous for the patients and often develop difficulties and complications in the future.   Hence, oncologists encourage their patients to return to timely deal with their cancer issues because electives can soon become urgent and urgent will turn into an emergency. In addition, the risk increases and leads to terrible outcomes.

What are the advantages of timely Intervention?

In cancer treatment, time is a significant factor that often makes an enormous difference in results and recovery. But even a short delay in treatment may lead to deadly outcomes. According to an open study, even one month of delay in cancer treatment can increase the mortality risk by 13%, and it keeps rising without treatment. In cancer surgery, a 3-month delay would increase the risk of death by approximately 25%. Therefore, it becomes crucial to act fast after receiving a diagnosis of cancer.   So when you find out that you and your loved ones have cancer, visit an best Oncologist in Jaipur as quickly as possible to know more about the surgical oncology treatment. Here are some compelling reasons to act right away:

More options:

The sooner you start your treatment, the more surgical options you are likely to have. If your tumour grows and spread into nearby organs, many treatments may not be advisable any longer.

Easy treatments –

In the early stages, cancer treatment will be less aggressive and often require minimally invasive procedures. However, a delay between diagnosis and treatment allows it to progress and invade the surrounding tissues and organs. Advanced cancer requires more aggressive surgical procedures in which affected organs are removed with the tumour.

Better prognosis –

Each cancer treatment has a different outcome, but most cancers respond better to early treatment. Hence, the sooner a cancer is caught and treated, the better the outcomes will become.


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