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Things to know about Colon Cancer and its treatment

Things to know about Colon Cancer and its treatment

Cancer is basically a continuous generation of cells without knowing when to stop. If it is not diagnosed at the right time, then it might spread to the surrounding organs as well. Therefore, it is very important that it gets diagnosed as early as possible. Colon cancer typically affects older people. Generally, it begins as small lumps that are noncancerous, also called polyps. Over time, when it is left untreated it grows into cancer. In some cases, the doctor removes the part of the colon which is cancerous; removing a portion of it does not affect the functioning at all. In order, to prevent cancer doctors recommends regular screening and health check-up. When colon cancer grows to the rectal area then it is called colorectal cancer. Colon Cancer doctors in Udaipur, provide the best treatment and diagnostic for colon cancer.


Generally, all diseases come with some symptoms. Noticing symptoms is important as it helps to diagnose the problem early and treat it accordingly. Some of the symptoms may include

  • Weakness
  • Fatigue
  • Persistent abdominal pain and cramps
  • Rectal bleeding or blood in stool
  • Change in bowel movement consistency
  • Sudden weight loss
  • Nausea, Vomiting

Colon Cancer can be diagnosed through various tests based upon the symptoms. Some of the tests include Complete Blood count: A complete blood count is a basic test that all doctors recommend. Endoscopic Ultrasound: Endoscopic ultrasound is done to check for any ulcers in swelling in the intestine.

Imaging Scan: CT scan or MRI is done to see signs of any inflammation or an abscess. Colonoscopy: Colonoscopy is not recommended unless it is necessary. It is done to examine the small and large intestine.

Risk Factors:

  • Older age
  • Family history of colon cancer
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Smoking
  • Drinking

How can it be prevented?

Some minute changes in lifestyle and eating habits can help to prevent colon cancer. Eating a variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts, protein-rich food, and whole grains helps to keep the digestive system healthy. One should stop smoking and maintain a healthy routine. Having proper sleep and exercising is another way to keep you healthy. Further, maintain a healthy weight is also necessary.


The treatment usually depends upon the needs and requirements of the patient based on the diagnosis made by the doctor. Some of the treatment includes: Removal of polyps: In cases where cancer has not spread to other parts, removing polyps is preferred by the doctor. Colon Cancer treatment in Udaipur uses surgical options that are best suited to the patient.

  • Laparoscopic Surgery: Laparoscopic Surgery is required when polyps are required to be removed. In this, the doctors make a small incision in the abdomen and insert a laparoscope. A laparoscope is a small camera that is attached to a thin tube, with the help of which the doctor is able to see the inside condition of the patient. This helps the doctor to treat the patient properly. Colon Cancer specialist in Jaipur also uses laparoscopic techniques to treat their patients.
  • Partial Colectomy: In this procedure, the doctor removes a part of the colon that has cancer along with some surrounding tissues. Then the doctors join the rest of the colon to the large intestine. Removal of some portion of the colon does not affect its functioning.

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