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Various Neurological Disorders and their symptoms

Various Neurological Disorders and their symptoms


Neurological disorders are more common than one might think, they affect the functioning of the brain, the nerves or the entire neural system of a person. Neurological disorders basically affect the brain of the spinal cord and the nerves including the neurons.


Neurons are the basic unit of a neural system that helps in transmitting neural signals to the entire body It is responsible for our basic and everyday reflex actions for example if you touch a hot object you immediately take your hand back that is because the skin cells sends an electrical impulses to the brain through neurons that in returns and sends the signal to the skin to take back the hand to avoid any further damage. Therefore, you can understand how neurons and neurological balance are important in a person’s life. Further, the entire functioning of the body is governed and controlled by the brain and if there is any damage in the brain or the spinal cord it affects the entire body and disturbs the entire function, according to the best Neuro Oncology doctors in Jaipur.

Parkinson’s disease

Our brain controls all our activities such as vision, hearing ability, movement, thinking ability, smelling ability, hormonal balance and every other biological activity is controlled and governed by the brain therefore, one can understand its importance and how any disorder that causes neural damage affect a person’s mental health and physical health as well. People suffering from your neurological disorders often experience symptoms such as muscle weakness, coordination, loss of sensation, loss of hearing ability, loss of vision, confusion, pain, inability to think, memory issues, altered level of consciousness, inability to make decisions, inability to maintain a proper body balance, paralysis, inability to discrimination etc. The best Neuro Oncology Hospital in Rajasthan is experienced and well equipped to take care of Neurological disorders. There will find some of the commonly found neurological disorders among people Parkinson’s disease Parkinson disease is one of the most common neurological disorders that occur in a wide group of people that have weak motor ability across the globe. Parkinson’s disease is caused when the amount of dopamine present in the body decreases since dopamine is required for proper and smooth functioning of muscle coordination and when the body isn’t producing enough dopamine in that case the person suffers from a lot of coordination issues. People suffering from Parkinson’s experience trembling of the arms or legs, tremors, stiffness or rigidity, slow body movement, problems with balance and coordination in the body.


Generally, older people are affected by it and one cannot choose the particular cause of it. Though it might be caused due to brain tumor, head injury, repeated head trauma, toxins such as carbon monoxide or general degeneration of cells. Epilepsy Epilepsy is another neurological disorder that is caused due to any sudden outburst of electrical activity in the brain that might cause seizures that in return, further affects vision, speech awareness of the surrounding movement and muscle control. People suffering from epilepsy constantly suffer from repeated seizures that can occur at any time. According to the best Cancer doctor in Jaipur, if the seizure is not treated or if the person doesn’t get immediate medical attention then it might cause severe damage to the person’s mental health. People suffering from it experience symptoms such as confusion, changes and emotions, altered sense of dizziness, improper body movement, stiffness, loss of consciousness, breathlessness, loss of bladder control, biting the tongue etc. 


Migraine Migraine is one of the common terms that everybody is familiar with; it is a kind of headache that usually most people experience. People suffering from migraine often experience symptoms such as pain, excruciating headache, nausea ,vomiting, lightheadedness ,photosensitivity and other visual changes such as blurry vision and headache that might last  from a couple of hours to 2- 3 days. Multiple sclerosis Multiple sclerosis is a chronic disease of the central nervous system that occurs due to an autoimmune disorder or disease. Ceramic tiles Which means the body is no longer able to identify among body cells and the foreign cells.  People suffering from it might experience symptoms such as Blurred vision, red green color, trouble in walking, inability to control body movements, numbness and loss of vision and in worst cases speech problems, tremors,  dizziness , hearing loss,  depression, and bladder control issues.


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