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Dr. Ravi Kant Gupta

Dr. Ravi Kant Gupta

Designation: Senior Consultant
Department: Nuclear Medicine
Experience: 10 Years

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Dr. Ravi Kant Gupta specialized in Nuclear Medicine and hold the Senior Consultant designation.


  • MBBS (Seth GSMC & KEMH, Mumbai)
  • MD (AIIMS, New Delhi)
  • FANMB (Fellow of Asian Nuclear Medicine Board)


  • Specialized from AIIMS, New Delhi (6 years)
  • 10 years of extensive experience in Nuclear Medicine & PET-CT with multiple diagnostic & Therapeutic procedures
  • Specialist in Gamma Imaging including SPECT-CT with various modalities & tracers (MDP, LLEC, DTPA, DMSA, HIDA, ECD, TRODAT, Sestamibi, Cardiac MPI including Thallium and Tc-99m MIBI, MUGA, VQ scans)
  • Expertise in analysis & research in PET-CT studies with various PET tracers (F-18 FDG, Ga-68 PSMA, F-18 PSMA, Ga-68 DOTANOC, F-18 DOPA , FES, and others)
  • Experience with PET-CT guided biopsy
  • Experienced with Theranostic procedures including I-131 therapy & Redifferentiation therapy in thyroid cancer, I-131 MIBG therapy in Neuroendocrine tumours, Rhenium-188 for synovectomy, Samarium and Lu-177 EDTMP therapy for bone pain palliation, Lu-177 DOTATATE therapy for Neuroendocrine tumours, Lu-177 PSMA therapy for Prostate Cancers


  • Attended many state and national level scientific programmes and conferences
  • Published research articles in various journals including Indian Journal of Nuclear Medicine, European Journal of Nuclear Medicine, and Nuclear Medicine Molecular Imaging.
  • Oral Presentations in annual conferences of Society of Nuclear Medicine, India and European Association of Nuclear Medicine, and others.
  • Reviewed multiple articles of Indian Journal of Nuclear Medicine.


  • Lifetime Member of Society of Nuclear Medicine, India.
  • Lifetime Member of Asian Nuclear Medicine Board